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31, avenue du Mont-Blanc, bât. B, 1196 Gland (VD), Switzerland

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Marina Shariy
Head of Restoration Team and Atelier
Specialist in Conservation and Restoration
+41 76 295 63 03
(Russian, French)
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  • Restoring easel and monumental paintings

Restoring easel and monumental paintings

- coating canvas and edges;

- reinforcing the ground and paint layer;

- eliminating deformation in the base (of the canvas);

- eliminating ruptures in the canvas;

- applying mastic in areas that have lost their ground or paint layer;

- fixing flakes on the paint layer;

- adding adhesive compound in the areas of detached (peeled off) base ground;

- removing surface dirt from the paint layer;

- removing old varnish and paint-over layers;

- toning the areas of loss; removing mold (resulting from improper storage) on the surface of the art work.

The restoration of wall paintings (frescoes) includes the removal of surface dirt, reinforcing the paint layer, restoring lost fragments of frescoes, toning the areas of lost paint layer.