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31, avenue du Mont-Blanc, bât. B, 1196 Gland (VD), Switzerland

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Marina Shariy
Head of Restoration Team and Atelier
Specialist in Conservation and Restoration
+41 76 295 63 03
(Russian, French)
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Our atelier

Marina Shariy atelier is located in Gland (Switzerland) on the shore of Geneva Lake, just a half-hour's drive from the city of Geneva. The work of the atelier is primarily focused on art restoration with the most sophisticated equipment and experienced professionals.

Our credo

Our main goal is to preserve the work of art by providing the necessary conservation and restoration work. In restoration, the most important criterion is the ability to reverse the restoration process. We keep this requirement in mind when we select materials and choose appropriate procedures. Our restorers are constantly monitoring the latest trends in this area and base their work on most up-to-date techniques.

In our work, we use the surface dirt removal technologies, based on many years of research and rich experience of Italian chemist Paolo Cremonesi. These technologies involve the solvent mixtures classified by their increasing polarity; the materials used by our experts are neither harmful to works of art, nor poisonous to humans.

At the same time, we pay tribute to the experience and lessons learned from the old masters. This is because we believe that art restoration is one of the most important connecting threads between past, present and future.

Our workplace

IGMA atelier has several spacious, comfortable and well-lit rooms. It is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment that allows us to perform very complex works of restoration and conservation: vacuum table with temperature control, microscopes, photographic lab (including for work in the UV range), tables with automatic height adjustment, etc.

The atelier also has a well-designed safety and security system. The solvents and varnishes are stored in metal fireproof cabinets. There is a separate room for storing the works of art. The atelier is equipped with an alarm system. A Swiss insurance company insures all objects of art in the atelier. 

Our experience

Marina Shariy, head of atelier, is a professional restorer with unique experience in this area. 

Previously, she took part in restoration works in the Tikhvin Monastery (iconostasis, frescoes) in Russia; St. Vladimir Cathedral (restoration of the icons and mural paintings) in Kronstadt, Russia; Senate-Synod and the State Hermitage Museum (murals) in St. Petersburg, Russia. For eight years, Marina Shariy worked as a restorer in the art restoration atelier of the St. Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg, Russia. She also has extensive experience of working with private collectors.

Since 2009, Marina Shariy collaborates with the restoration atelier of Geneva Museum of Art and History, directed by Victor Lopes. She participated in the restoration of works by Dutch and Flemish artists of the 17th and 18th centuries as a part of the exhibition project "Art and Art Markets", and also the works of such artists as Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours (neoclassicism), Claude Monet (impressionism) and Carlos Schwabe (symbolism), Serge Panke (as a part of the exhibition project "Scenery, Design, Industry").

Collaborator of the atelier, Agnès Asperti, also works regularly for the Museum of Art and History in Geneva, since 2008, and the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) at the Franco-Egyptian Center for Study of Karnak Temples, since 2003.

Its activity combines the study of the work (its constituent materials, painting techniques) to conservation-restoration.

On the Museum of Art and History, she has notably restored several series of paintings, ancient and modern, on the occasion of exhibitions and retrospectives: paintings on wood, Dutch and Flemish, of the 17th and 18th centuries, works of modern painters as Bram van Velde, Alexandre Perrier, Carlos Schwab, but also paintings of Maurice de Vlaminck, E. C. Burne-Jones and Paolo Veronese, for example.

In Egypt, she is involved in restoration projects of mural paintings at the site of the Temple of Karnak: diagnosis the state of conservation, development of methodologies, treatment of the substrate, coatings, polychromy; and she had the opportunity to work on archaeological objects in metal, ceramic, terracotta or faience.

In 2011, Marina Shariy and Agnès Asperti completed the practical and theoretical course Materials and methods for removing surface and varnish dirt on the paintingsknown as the "Paolo Cremonesi method", organized by Geneva Museum of History and Art.