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31, avenue du Mont-Blanc, bât. B, 1196 Gland (VD), Switzerland

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Marina Shariy
Head of Restoration Team and Atelier
Specialist in Conservation and Restoration
+41 76 295 63 03
(Russian, French)
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  • Consulting and providing curator services for private collections

Consulting and providing curator services for private collections

Professional advice on storing works of art. The appropriate selection of temperature and humidity for the premises and consideration of sunlight impact ensure that the work of art is fully protected from external negative influences, and allows the object of art to preserve its original state for a long time.

Depending on the agreement, the expert may periodically visit the place where the painting is stored, and monitor its condition in order to maintain the favorable environment for its preservation. Sometimes these services involve installing required devices (thermometers) and, if necessary, conducting restoration and conservation works.

Evaluating the condition of the work of art and preparing documentation (dossier and photographic images) for exhibitions and private archives.