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31, avenue du Mont-Blanc, bât. B, 1196 Gland (VD), Switzerland

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Marina Shariy
Head of Restoration Team and Atelier
Specialist in Conservation and Restoration
+41 76 295 63 03
(Russian, French)
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Restoration and conservation of artworks

Our main goal is to preserve the work of art by providing the necessary conservation and restoration work. In restoration, the most important criterion is the ability to reverse the restoration process. We keep this requirement in mind when we select materials and choose appropriate procedures. Our restorers are constantly monitoring the latest trends in this area and base their work on most up-to-date techniques.

In our work, we use the surface dirt removal technologies, based on many years of research and rich experience of Italian chemist Paolo Cremonesi. These technologies involve the solvent mixtures classified by their increasing polarity; the materials used by our experts are neither harmful to works of art, nor poisonous to humans.

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